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Michael Pritchard is back from a heart attack

May 9, 2015

My day got so much brighter today. Michael Pritchard is a comedian and humorist and speaker and humanist recovering from a massive heart attack. Actually, everyone who has met this man has experienced a heart attack because he challenges you to be kinder. We all get wrapped in our personal worlds and develop opinions based on news we haven’t experienced and make political decisions that don’t effect us. But Mike brings it to your heart, and simple questions, about how we treat each other. I’ve seen so many people agitated about things that have nothing to do with their day, or pursuing careers they don’t love. He challenges to be awakened to what Lincoln said are the “better angels of out nature.” He wants you to be enlightened. And unlike most guys who are comedians (And I have to throw myself into the mix too) he has a couple qualities they don’t: he is a great audience, and he sees the dark side but uses it to find the light, instead of contenting himself with dark observation and not being funny. He wants you to be playful with others. If you ever wanted a cartoon character or a muppet to be your friend in the world, he is that person to children, men and women, and an angel to those he works with in a hospice. His new heart has a some big arteries to fill, and I’m so glad and happy this man wasn’t taken away from us. Besides, he loves my comedy and books. But that’s mike, you turn around and think you’re alone and there he is in your corner!
The world is richer because he is walking among us.

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