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Reaching out in the tags sales of life for gifts to others

April 21, 2015

People often get into political discussions and don’t take responsibility for improving their surroundings. I often go into the Goodwill Bookstore, looking for offbeat discoveries for myself and others. I’d find a book of newspaper columns for a friend, a couple Artie Shaw CDs for another, a Hemingway book for another. There people who pride themselves on  saving money by not buying things–well, what about buying for others. Not a lot. But once in awhile going out on a tag sale and thinking of how it would enrich someone else instead of finding a bargain for yourself–and if you find one great, but to find a shell on the beach and give it to someone else so they can hear the ocean too,seems like a cheap and easy way to live up to your own opinion that you’re a nice person.

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