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Why did I become a comedian?

March 16, 2015

Someone asked me why I became a comedian. And I’ve thought about it a lot since. You know, Laurel and Hardy, Bob Hope, Red Skelton, Buster Keaton (Who is funnier than Chaplin) and Costello, Groucho, WC. In a way they were all heroes, fighting to triumph against bad guys. And that always appealed to me., WHat surprised me is that so many comedians can also be bad guys in the business. I think I took that too personally when I worked. I thought in a way it was a sacrilegious act in the church of comedy, a besmirching on the heroes instead of a lesson learned. The business has a way of making you drift away from the quest, And you know, you come to the simple conclusion, go back to the source, the others have lost it to ambition and politics, and that’s on them–and the sad conclusion, their lives aren;t funny but their career is. That’s their karma and it’s all on them. And often! I’ve been beaten down a few times, but found a way to come up with a laugh instead of swinging an indignant sword. Some people aren;t worth taking as prisoners, or even battling against. And here I’m faced with more performing, and not surf where to go. But only believe in the light of the heroes, who even know how to pratfall into the grave for a laugh,



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