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Over-educated road kill

March 4, 2015

The students should have blocked the regents’s driveways, they’re the people who raised their tuitions. Ruin their six-figure acadmecally-tax-payer-subsidized neighborhoods. Make them miserable not us. And how much did their protest cost the taxpayers? Should the parents pay for it. I think they’re acts proves they should close UCSC because these students clearly aren’t getting educated. The students claim they’re part of the community–well, if you count the bar scene, I guess you’re right. But they paid tuition to be here, whereas the rest of us got jobs, a little different–and we’re not leaving in four years. We built a life here, not sampling it. Hey, stay on campus, read your books, get a good education, and leave Santa Cruz alone.The college world isn’t too clean either. Remember even your PHD-emasculated professors play competitive politics and have to publish papers with footnotes no one reads, and then mentally anyone to get their gigs and take advantage of teacher aids, and some even own houses near campus and charge you students high rents.

They are overeducated road kill. They should have pushed them over to the shoulder and then taken their time unchaining them and not given them bathroom breaks.…/uc-santa-cruz-students-s…

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