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The Techies are back in Santa Cruz

February 17, 2015

SIlicon Valley is coming into Santa Cruz again. There are tech people paying cash for $700,000 houses and up. Most are in their twenties and early thirties and they believe their income is permanent–the drug. And they all co9me into Santa Cruz. They all spend their money on restaurants, and get surfboards and bikes and gyms and talk like they belong. Then they lose their jobs, then the drugs of money wear off, can’t afford the taxes and payments on their house. SO they leave and a rich person buys the house, and tries to get parking permits issued in their neighborhood so no one else can park in front of their house. So eventually all you see is second and third homes that are vacant 9 months out of thw years, or rentals, or empty and monitored by a house sitter that takes care of the owners pets while the owners are in some tropical island, sitting by a pool and waiting for someone to bring them a drink.

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