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Who cares what you think? Entertain yourself and sing

February 9, 2015

I recently saw Todd SNider do a half-hearted performance, which I attribute to being under the influence. He talked about how he was sober for two years then went on and on about taking acid, which I assumed he was on that night. He;s a talented and original performer, but clearly so wrapped up in hugging his demons h[‘ed rather dance with them that night than let us dance to his singing. Funny, sometimes it makes you wonder if the talent displays of people who eventually self-destruct have been on that journey the entire time, and the highlights and their alleged brilliance is us not realizing these people are really in a car that in a skid towards a cliff and they’re not in control at all.

Snider muttered, “I just don’;t have it tonight. If it’s not real, there’s no point.” He put in a decent amount of stage time, but shrugged off the stage, and refused to come out for an encore, where people were trying to cheer him up!

Usually when people do something so out of character, I’ve found it’s related to some form of substance abuse.

One time I saw Jimmy Smith, the jazz organist stop during the show when he saw someone filming him, then launch into a rant about white people then say, “This is art. This is jazz. You just can’t just do this.”

Then why have a 9 and 11 show?


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