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I would rather have patients as the Walking Dead or Zombies

February 9, 2015

I’ve made a couple charges to attempt to work for hospitals to help cancer patients. I figured being a two-time cancer survivor, and an author, and my ability to empathize and reach people would be valued. I have walked the walk. I’m a veteran from the Big C Battlefield, and willing to return to help the wounded make it out. You’d think that would be valued. But it’s not. Fortunately, a lot of my suggestions made changes at the Stanford Cancer Center, which made it easier for people going through chemo. But from  talking to different hospital officials, my gut-check says, “They don;t want someone to help patents advocate or wake up! They’d rather have zombies and the walking dead passively submit and pass through the system. They want the to be content to sit under a drip to get cured. They don’t want the animals to rattle the cage and discover the door is unlocked.


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