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Viva The Tasmania Tiger!

February 3, 2015



Highly recommend the Tasmania Museum in Hobart. They have an entire room dedicated to the Tasmanian Tiger, who so far has been judged extinct, but locals I spoke to have claimed to see one at times. Ideally, there are a few in the Franklin River area. ALl you can do is root for the extinct, half of the people I see already are, why not root for them to wake up. This world can be taken away on a dime. And you are the lost of a breed every day. So howl and give the moon meaning. The tiger was objectified by farmers and misrepresented as a threat to sheep and unjustly eliminated, Proving you don’t have to be ISIS to become like them.


What can I say, I( feel for this animal. It’s funny what you can connect to. But in a way, we’re all an endangered species. And there’s an art to staying low to the ground. You don;t have top be a predator to survive in this world, but you might have to be one to take out the predators. The Tiger roams within my heart. How can you believe in that form, of extinction unless you live within the geometric square-footage of the math-rivened mind?




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