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There who some who high dive and others who want you to think they do

February 3, 2015

You know so many people want to jump off the high dive, but when you truly do, it’s not in deep water, it’s shallow. Why? Because you’re taking a risk that makes the dive a commitment.

You don’t wait to have the pool filled with water.

Everyone wants to be seen jumping off the high dive. They want it both ways: the dive and a secure landing.

So they wait for the pool to be filled; money, security, medical and dental. A secure job so they can write, or act, sing, or be funny. But no one reads them, laughs at them, sees them act, or sing along with them. Unless they can form clubs with other hobbyists who have stuffed their dreams and mounted them, giving the illusion they achieved them instead of suffocated those visions. They have the toys, but don’t know how to play with them, so they collect them. They’re completists who are incomplete. The missing piece that you don;t need to solve the puzzle.

But when you minimize the risk it’s not a dive, it’s a fall from grace.

But the picture will be taken of them on the high dive. But by the time they take the diver, the water has risen to nearly the level of the board. They photoshop that out.

They walked away from it a long time ago.

Believe in the dive, it’s the only way to defy the gravity of death with style. The missing piece that you don;t need to solve the puzzle.

The bottom line: it’s not easy.

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