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Between heaven and earth while standing on a rock in a hard place on Australia

January 30, 2015


My Mom finally made it to Australia. She’s atop Uluru. Cancer took her (She smoked a lot.).

When she was dying she said, “I didn’t think it would happen this fast.”
Don’t wait for the gesture. Do it NOW.



The aborigines had a rainbow serpent in the rock, and I have a Mom, I’d say I’m ahead on the deal




And to let Cancer know it tried to take me down but gave us a view.

Atop Uluru They say from dust you’re born and return, I never bought that, it’s smoke from an exhaust, the first is from landing, the last from the takeoff. Mom’s flying somewhere. And there are those hardened brains who say it’s not true, and nothing is proven, and there are those who deny it because they believe in Fate of a Savior, well they can look to heaven and the others can keep the dirt, and they can’t trapped and capture what’s in between those closing and grasping hands.

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