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Outsourcing Negroes but not Insourcing them?

January 20, 2015

British pommies playing MLK, his wife, LBJ, George Wallace, I guess the directors feel they should bring black actors into this country to play roles the same way plantation owners brought them in to make their cotton. Where’s MSNBC on American corporations outsourcing Afro-Americans and white people! The only fair way to handle this,is to have American actors on Downtown Abbey, This is the worst thing to happen in cinema since 2008 since we outsourced the Oscars for Slumdog Millionaire. And the entire cast of Slumdog now works for Apple and Google in California. Where’s American In-sourcing?

In Selma, the film, I stretched it on the slav e reference, instead they used black British actors as stunt men. But it is kinda funny that they don’t use American actors to march to Selma. I was more offended by misrepresenting LBJ’s commitment to Civil Rights. LBJ wasn’t a saint (he became a multi-millionaire as vice-president on side deals through his wife’s radio station, a fact that was going to come out on Nov 22,1963 but was held back by the press for obvious reasons). LBJ always believed in, and because he pursued it, the Dems. and even when he signed the bill said the Dems would loose the south for years–that doesn’t sound like a man who was wanted to slow down civil rights. That sounds like a commitment to me. And bravo for him, and the black and white student who fought for it.

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