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New Year? The key is to make a resolution not expect one

January 5, 2015

When you start the New Year and think of the old, people talk of resolution, but many of the disappointments with have with others is based on awaiting a resolution. We get drawn in, taken advantage of, or if they weren’t for you when you were down financially and sick, and sometimes hope for money to make up what they cost us. We hope for resolution. But resolution is the carrot that gets you to be their donkey and keep using you. Accepting the resolution is their problem not them, and worst that happened is you were kind. They’re life’s write-offs without a deduction, typos, reruns. The resolution is to move onward, they can only rule the past not the future–unless you still expect a resolution/The hardest step in those relationships is accepting their isn’t going to be a resolution. It’s like your life is discarding a stage, and you ascending, and they are left in the cast off stage, space debris circling a dead planet’s orbit, and you reach into the connecting constellation of the galaxy with others into a fresher, richer, and more generous and appreciating world. A resolution should accelerate.

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