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Bang bang. More riot gear please.

January 5, 2015

Ok, here’s a question, do you feel safer or more uncomfortable if you see cops at every corner. When you think that the guys who were responsible for the economy crashing never did time, and the statute of limitations was allowed to be reached for those for torture (After WW2 water boarding of soldiers by the Japanese was considered torture and a war crime), but us, don’t cross a double yellow line, or make an illegal U-turn, and pay over $500. And people rake teachers over the coals, but a cop can shoot his wife in Atlanta and be given “administrative leave,” and can do illegal choke holds. But oh! Oh, don’t care criticize them for being overweight, or using excessive force, or just being dumb. Maybe what the police should be taking away from all these protests is their thin blue line makes people feel more hunted than protected, and that they are removed from the people they serve because like Roman legions they are more loyal to each other. And what do they always want after more protests? More powerful weapons, better body armor, and riot gear. How about a better screening process when you hire them? Sure, nobody shoot shoot a police officer, but what is the source of the rage? And how about having public hearings that are held to sole request public feedback on how their officers are performing and treating the public?

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