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A Fredly Christmas Lesson

December 22, 2014

A Christmas lesson I had.
One of my first jobs was working as a copywriter at Bloomingdale’s in New York City. And like most first jobs, and being young, I was around people who were older than me, who were at the end of their careers, while mine was just beginning. ANd they always hated work and grumbled and complained about it. ANd I have to say they weren’t particularly friendly to me. I would help them out if they were overworked, but if I asked them for help they’d complain to their boss I asked them to do their job.

But then Christmas came around, I never even thought of buy these people anything.

Some chipped in to buy me a nice present (Selected letters of Hemingway), and the ones who didn’t do that gave me a silly gift or some candy.

And there I was, without a gift for any of them. I was wrong. That’s not something you like to think about yourself.

I was so self-involved I didn’t see them as people. They objects. Types. And sure, they definitely did some shitty things to me. But still, I should have seen more and been generous.

So now, I go out of my way in the holidays, and make sure everyone I’ve gone through in my routines, gets some kind of present in appreciation of what they do. I’ve done this when I couldn’t even afford it, because that’s what defines a life.
: going out of your way for others, veering away from the reflection so you can see the wonder of the people around you.

So, I a gift card here, a small box of brittle, some wine in the mail, an ornament for their tree, a nice present for someone else that I heard them talk about, an invitation to Christmas dinner if they have no where to go, an extended hand, not a firm handshake.

I doesn’t take much to give a lot. That’s how you take it with you.

Merry Christmas

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