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Australia for Dummies: Fredly’s Australia: The Hunter movie on Tasmania Tiger sucks

October 16, 2014

Saw “The Hunter” about the Tasmanian Tiger (whoever wrote it was a sick twisted idiot, although I like Defoe because we both have blue eyes!). Heavily disappointed. There are some who can concisely point that it’s extinct. In the movie they choose to kill it to ensure it’s so. I don’t believe in extinction as a point of view, except for cancer, because maybe someone could say I was justified in dying from extinction because cancer meant something else for us as a species.And as SHakespeare said, “he who jests at a scar has never felt a wound.” And so I feel anyone who think death reveals something, has never been in its shadow, and I throw the light on them and say, “It’s not that you have a point of view, you’re just blind to what I said. And you can make all the points and win all the arguments, and cite faith in whatever religion you want, and I will still be here, standing, maybe bleeding a little, but standing and with my last pulse and breath, I will say, “You are wrong,” And you might stand over me, and you might bury me, but I will rise above each shovelful of dirt you dig, and then you will look up, and see me, and realize the whole time, you are digging your own grave away from humanity. and so I will how in the wilderness for The Tiger, always. And you can keep your arguments. And I will keep looking for The Tiger. Run tiger, outrun the gunsights of their smug brain’s crosshairs in the poetry of the untamed. Gez, guess I had some wine tonight!

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