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Bogey: My Biggest little guy during cancer

October 12, 2014

Fred and Bogey

The picture is Bogey in action. The upper corner when he was in the hospital. They couldn’t save him–and they should have. And me shortly after finishing chemo and growing my hair back. We never lose that look in our eyes. Sometimes a thousand-yard stare doesn’t distance you but brings everything into a clear embracing focus!

Someone wrote me online about my little tribute to Bogey, the cat we no longer have, who when I had testicular cancer, and shivered under piles of blankets with chemo. came over to me and wrapped his soft furry paws around my neck, and sucked on my ear lobe. Maybe he was consoling me because he knew we both lost our balls.

The person had cancer and said he’d be at a loss without his two dogs.

So I wrote this back:

I still miss Bogey. But my memories are always fond. But he let me with his spirit. He was a small kitty then grew to be over 20 pounds. I always called him, “My biggest little guy.” Cancer gives you a higher tuning fork of ability to appreciate the buzz of the living–the living of any pet, bird, fish. We’re sharing the same tank. Thank you. In a way, I think Bogey gave up his nine lives for me. Ah, my biggest little guy. No wonder we all want to believe in an after life. How many people and animals we have loved are gone, and how wonderful it would be to go up to a gate and see them all there waiting for you, as young and healthy and as happy as they always wanted to be. Okay, you got me tearing up. Ah, Bogey!

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