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Australia For Dummies: Fredly’s Australia

October 7, 2014
What a lot of tourist do (And I did, which I won’t do again when I travel) is wear a shirt that identifies where you’re from. You can always tell the tourists from the Aussies because not many Aussie’s wear a Yankee hat and “I love New York T-shirt. Also, not many of them are wearing loud or Hawaiian shirts and thongs.  Plain shirts, jeans, shoes. But I will say Aussies love the US, and they do wear Yankee hats, like the Dallas Cowboys etc. They wear clothes they wouldn’t wear to work. And most of the Aussie are people who just got out of work. That’s why tourists stand out so much. You can blend in better on weekends because that’s when Aussies dress like tourists
My advice is wear casual clothes with no identification on them. Nothing jazz.

I never saw an Australian eat Vegamite, but they seem to get a great deal of pleasure encouraging visitors to try it, then watching their face contort in a variety of pained and tortured fault lines for the salty useless paste of smeared distaste.It’s like the taste of your own words when you apologize for something you did, but don’t want to, because your mistake was instinctive, and forces you to see part of yourself you don’t like, but must swallow and sent it out through your system so you get get rid of what it really is.

      Ok, food served in Oz:

  •  Tomatoes with breakfast (roasted)
  •  If you ask for toast with breakfast, the food, eggs, pancakes or whatever is served ON THE TOAST.
  • Mayo with fries–er, excuse me, chips. (I have to say the potatoes taste great in Oz.
  • No one drinks Foster’s.
  • Bacon usually sucks, it’s more ham with fat, or Canadian bacon.


        Words I only heard in Australia besides the obvious g’day and “Good on you.”:

  • mucking about -not doing anything
  • paddock – pasture
  • dodgy -sketchy
  • barracks (for supporting a team)
  • root (sex)
  • fanny (a woman’s organ so don’t make a reference to a “fanny pack.”
  • wettie – wetsuit
  • tucker – meal
  • sort it out – figure it out
  • what are you after – what do you want?
  • lolly – candy
  • cheeky – kinda wise ass
  • footpaths – sidewalk
  • washies – face towels
  • crook – sick
  • stuff it – shove it



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