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Australia For Dummies: Fredly’s Australia Tip

October 7, 2014

One place I really liked”

Lord Nelson Brewery in Sydney

Stay here! Wonderful people. Great beer and pub grub and Aussie experience!

If you’re looking for a place near the The Rocks that’s not touristy and has locals instead of being stuck in a join with German, Canadian, and German tourist. I left out American because I’m one. (Ha!) But this is a great place to meet and talk to friendly Aussies. It’s just beyond the reach of the tourist swarm that settles near the Quay and those joints so they can eat barramundi and see the harbor (Nice, but yikes! If you’re the spar-resort type it’s not your place, I think it’s nicer to hang with the locals and soak up the Aussie atmosphere.)

Not only is the beer great.So is the food. You want a great beef pie (with peas on it) delicious. The rooms are large and comfortable above the bar. You climb-or stagger–to your rooms up a couple flights of stairs after their great beer (three sheets brewed there!)

And the staff. Pleasant and informative guys and girls. And all the waitresses are gorgeous and friendly. Nothing cheesy. And very easy to get into conversation with an Aussie as you hoise a schooner or a pint. A friendly, vibrant, and excellently managed place.

And breakfast is continental, but for a few extra bucks you can get the warm stuff, and both are excellent and served to you in a large room and relaxing setting with newspapers, where it’s also easy to get into conversations with other people at tables.

My brother met the owner earlier in the day and he said, “I heard we had Americans here. If you see me tonight I’ll by you a beer.” There you go!

Lord Nelson’s bar has a great pub atmosphere. Just looking at it relaxes you. If there’s a drawback, you have to get accustom to walking uphill from The Rocks for a couple blocks, but that’s it’s strength too. It’s still a reasonable walk to all t like Fitzroy or Glebe –you can get a 10-trip bus pass from the store across the street from the brewery) and the central points, and you can walk down to the quay and take a bus to the distant regionsYou’re in a neighborhood, which is sadly in transition with the powers that be kicking out people in subsidized housing so rich people can live there.

I left there with Lord Nelson with fondness.

Pulling down a pint of Three Sheets, a beer made at the Lord Nelson Brewer

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