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Denial in the line up at Santa Cruz and spreading the love

October 1, 2014

Surf story in Santa Cruz:
I’m sitting outside. A see a slightly chunky blonde haiered woman paddle out to the lineup and without waiting try to get a wave. I think, Oh no, this is going to be trouble later. And I was right.
The first time, I’m already up on the waver, she takes off behind me on the left and angles her board across and because she can’t turn, I can’t cut back and she ruins the wave, and then she falls, Nothing said.
Now, the second time. Same thing.
“I’m left, I’m left.”
I ignore her, cutback into her to make my turn, our boards collide, she falls, I keep going.
SHe paddles over to me: “What’s your problem?”
“I don’t have a problem. It’s about etiquette. I was on the wave first, you took off behind me after I was up, and because you can’t surf and you can’t turn, we collided.”
“I can surf, I’ve surfed for 20 years and you’re just a bitter oldf man.”
“Well, if you’ve surfed for 20 yearts, I’ve never seen you, and if you have then you’d know who I was, and you’d also know the etiquette that once someone is up on the wave you’re not supposed to take off behind them.”
“You’re an asshole.”
“So that’s how you talk to someone. That’s the language you use. You doing that because you’re in denial and don’t want to admit you’re wrong, it’s all about you isn’t it. Me, me, me? Well, I don’t hear you okay, I don’t have to listen to you, I’m not married to you so I don’t have to take whatever you’re saying to be. It’s all about etiquette,.”
She starts yelling.
I laugh and make sounds similar to her voice, and move one of my fingers like it’s her talking to me.
“Well, it’s just 38th,” she snaps.
“No, it’s about etiquette. Etiquette, Etiquette!Etiquette! Etiquette! I don’t take every wave. I don’t do what you do. You don’t have any, And we’re done here. SO why don’t you go take a women’s studies class to validate yourself.”
I paddled away.
Later, she almost collided with someone else, who yelled at her, and she got out of the water.
I caught a bunch of waves andf had a great day. After cancer, when these soulless people try to get into my heart, it’s like I have this bug zapper that destroys whatever they’re saying, so within me, it’s always a beautiful day. I smiled and laughed and had a lot of fun!
Nice to know I must look like I’ve been surfing a long time to be a bitter old man, which I guess I would be, if I was married to her! HA.


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