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PR for War in OZ

September 30, 2014

I was in Australis for six weeks. And I watched how the press and the politicians ramped up the pr campaign to get Oz to hug George W’s Iraq tar baby. They used the exact playbook, page of page to justify involvement, and most of it geared to generate fear among the populace. And this is in Australia! You can;t even get two packs of cigarettes through customs! ANd they have detention centers filled with people trying to sneak into the country! I repeat: Australia is in trouble from Islamic terrorists? Australia???? Afraid of guys who wear ski masks in the desert and drive Toyota jeeps?

Here’s how it went:

1.) Press coverage of beheading (notice no conservative journalist as ever been beheaded, mainly because they would never put their life on the line support the war.).

2.) Then surprise, news stories about muslim Australians who went to Syria and are now killing innocent people. (How these Asutralia-based papers every got this information on their own without it being supplied by the people who want to get a war started is beyond me.,)

3.) Raids on Muslim business and people who are suspected terrorist (Get it, they are AMONG us.)

4.) Then the claim we’re only providing weapons to the good guys (I think that’s we called ISIS when they didn’t have that name and were fighting the Russians in Afghanistan)

5.) Administrators start talking about increasing the nation’s terror alert status.

6.) News stories where ISIS says they will kill Australians.

7.) Politicians saying how if any terrorists kills an Aussie they will hunt them down.

8.) And surprise, Aussie soldiers sent to Iraq.

9.) Oz politicians saying they have to pass anti-terrorist laws to take away people’s rights so they can protect those rights.

All of this was a daily progression in the press. Hard to believe. Man, and what kind of war is this? I don’t see any of the architects of the Iraq War volunteering or reenlisting. Condi Rice isn’t with the troops, she’s sitting on the bleachers at Stanford basketball games or fighting for equal rights for women on the ladies tees at Augusta. WHy doesn’t Tommy Franks sign up and lead his men again into battle? Or any of those generals? Really, what kind of war sis this. If there was a draft, none of this would even be considered in the US. We are now a military catering service devlivering weapons and bombs. And the public doesn’t care because others are fighting it, and they’re not making a personal sacrifice.

The same atrocities are being committed in Africa, but there’s no oil there.

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