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Sydney: sunsets, botanical gardens, barramundi and bad closeups.

August 13, 2014


me operra cocky

The Opera House is like all the other weird animals in Australia. When you see it from all these different angles in various shades of light it looks like its moving. This area is like Pier 39 in SF multiplied by ten. A lot of Asian tourists, then again China is a lot closer than the US. Maybe that’s why the US is putting more and more marines on bases in Darwin in the Top End! Oz was bombed twice by Japan in WW2 at Broome and Darwin (which Darwin never visited.)


opera sunset

Believe it or not, per capita Oz is the largest polluter in the world. Why? It’s mining industry: bauxite, lead, coal. As well as it’s dependence on coal-power.


Here is a picture of Australia doing what it does best: using the scenery to mine and extract tourist money.

bridge photos



Then again, can you blame them

The best way to get the sunset shots is go to Mrs. Macquarie’s seat(spelling? She was the wife of one of the better British rulers from the colonial days who believed the prisoners should be given a chance to be rewarded for their labor so they could develop there land and improve the country, while the others though the only thing prisoners could learn from was the lash. This was pre_fox News so this was their only outlet to take out their aggressions on complex issues caused by their employers and political laders. ). Her seat–well think of a U-shape and the opera house is on the left tip of the U and the seat is on the other side, and in between the U is all water, and the right side of the U borders th Botanical gardens. And man do those birds squawk and howl–it reminds me of covering zoning board meet as a reporter or clusters of women in the surf lineup.



A good way to get photos of the harbor Bridge is to take the Ferry to and From Manly, which is REAL touristy.



me at manly

AT Manly, the water looked beautiful, the surf wash;t happening. A lot of closeouts and short boarders.


manly tourist


Kinda like Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk or any boardwalk area. Some cool looking cafes. Ferry is $16 round trip. Takes about a half hour to forty minutes.It’s spring into summer here. The dollar is worth 90- cents to an Aussie dollar, unless you’re from Saudia Arabia or Dubai, then there’s no currency exchange rate, they just hire you to be their servant!

Taking the ferry. The bridge was built in 1932. They offer tours where you can walk the top of the span fort a mere $300. Or, $330 in American money. One guy asked a girl to marry him at the top of the bridge. She said no. It was a long quiet walk down for him. But a quick and loud screaming one for her! You can walk across it.




Australian Tip: It’s very important to make sure you educated your traveling partner on when not to use a zoom.


Finally had some Barramundi, which is kinda like a ribeye/walleye-flournder all blended together. It’s an Aussie fish. I also heard corral trout is good. And to try honey in Kakadu.




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