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What Republicans politicians fear most: losing their office and having to “work” in the “private sector.”

July 19, 2014

How many times do I have to listen to these right-wing clowns trumpet the “private sector” for providing health care, roads, social security. These by people who take donations to campaign instead of earn an income (In a way, they’re similar to arrogant public radio employees who have all these high-moral standards that are beyond the “commercial” needs of radio but think nothing of being panhandlers at fundraising events so they can be given their salaries. Ah, the subsidized opinions of others are so firm and ripe with conviction without action!) Anyway, back to the private sector. Yes, Dems are equally bad at this too, when they lose office they flee any kind of job to teach at universities until their phone rings for the next government appointment. But, they’re not the ones bloviating about the free marker, and the private sector. And so when these strident GOP leaders lose their office, do you see them start a business? No! They flee into think tanks, universities, lobbying groups, and get jobs in the one field they constantly rail against: the media! ANd they they stand in front of the camera.

Take a picture.

So what’s it like to reduced to having an opinion?

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