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Multiply and divide for others to defeat Cancer

July 10, 2014

When you return for your follow-ups bring donuts to the nurses and treats for the chemosabis in the waiting room. Advocate for others. It’s a great feeling!

One dynamic conviction about surviving cancer is to try to get more out of cancer than it get out of you.
Yes, you can vow to fulfill your bucket list, but the real test is returning to the scene of the crime to help relieve other people’s pain and give them hope. Sometimes people who have been cured, slowly lose interest in cancer causes, believing they should move on to life. Oddly, people who have lost others to cancer are more dedicated, while those who have been cured have a tendency to just move on with their life. But I believe if your suffering hasn’t libnked you to the suffering of others you have missed the lesson cancer tried to teach you.
When I return for my checkups at the Stanford Cancer center regarding my testicular cancer I wear my Relay For Life  and walk slowly through the hospital and the infusion clinic and the waiting room so they see I’m not just a volunteer with water and crackers but someone who sat where they sat and survived (so far).
I bring donuts to the nurses and then leave a variety of junk food candies for the chemosabis in the waiting room. Yes, it’s crap candy, but when you have chemo you need to be able to TASTE SOMETHING and that REMINDS you of LIFE. Hey, when you’re saturated with chemo you need artificial flavors to break through.
I also several left copies of Today Cancer Tomorrow The World (Gave one to my oncologist and her nurse too!)
You can be a returning patient and an advocate for the others going through chemo. I barked at my oncologist and the nurse about how they don’t tell patients about ports, and how they should have a port display in the waiting area. Oncologists have never been ill, or had an IV in their arm for eight hours. They see it as a clinical exercise not an emotional drain for the patient. We can wake up and relieve other people’s pain! I
 I feel by multiplying and dividing out to others I’m outdistancing so cancer can’t catch up to ever consume me or anyone else again. It’s a life force that has to be healing to yourself and others and it’s far more enriching than checking off items on your bucket list.

Yes, it’s crap food, but when you’re saturated with chemo artificial flavors

are the only things that can get through the code.

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