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Maybe this is why I’m the Way I am: Dad

June 17, 2014




Dad. Little League. Pluzato Tiles in CLifton NJ. I’m second from right lower row. I was bummed because I was wearing a Number 2, and not a Number 7 (Mickey Mantle’s number!)

Dad’s first in my heart. In his late twenties. Three kids. And from Clifton we moved to Freehold. He gave me a rich childhood that has never left me. When I think about all these guys who did this, amazing, huh?

Dad had a way of calling people on stuff. It probably hurt his career. But in life he definitely created teachable moments

Years later, he umped a Little League game, stopped play, and went over to a rude coach of a team and said, “You’re a bad example to your team and I hope your team loses.” The guy went ballistic,”You can’t say that!” Dad said, “I’ll call a fair game but I hope you lose.” That was him. Part of that became me, trying to take down the bad guys in a game that is sometimes fair and played by the rules, but other times filled with loss from cheaters or self-defeat and knowing the difference. But I learned the right fight in my dreams. I miss him. We lost him to an infection caused by a botched surgery. Still, like any form of love, I feel him at home–plate.

I think I picked up some of his super hero cape, and do the same thing. (See my post following this one to see what I mean.)

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