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Fredly takes on a Jerk customer and defends a hard-working guy

June 17, 2014

OK. I’m waiting for the Mount Hermon post office to open at 8:45. It’s 8:50. I can hear the guy through the post office boxes working. There’s this dumpy and grump looking, helmet-haired woman, holding a package and clearly irritated that the post office door isn’t open.

The door opens to the Post office. She bolts right past me to the desk.

“You’re supposed to be open at 8:45,” she snaps. “I have places to be and you’re making me late.”

The clerk, a young guy who is filling in replies,” I was just two minuters late.”

“You were five minutes late. I’m the customer and the cusomter is always right. You’re supposed to be open and I—”

“Hey lady, back off, give the guy a break,” I said. “He works hard. Maybe if you had a job where you were on your feet all day, you might have a little understanding.”

She indignantly snaps, “I worked in the software industry for twenty years and I worked on my feet.” As if this justified her rudeness. “And I learned from my job the customer who is always right!”

“Well, it certainly hasn’t taught you to be a good Christian.”

I say this remark because Mount Hermon has a Christian Conference center, and some people moved there because of this, and I can tell from her rude behavior and self-justification she was one of them. And I’m not a Christian. I’m a Fredly who doesn’t like seeing a hard-working guy get abused. I mean, people like her always take shots at people who they know can’t answer them back. And she’s clearly mad that I’m calling her on it.

The woman explodes at my comment, “Then if you’re such a Christian you can forgive me for being such a selfish ignorant person.” The she launches into another rant. “I’m the customer. I worked in the software industry for twenty years.”

“Yeah, and you must have been a real joy to work with.”

She mumbles and deals with the clerk, paying for the package and then starts doing her passive aggressive comments for me to hear. “Cause after all I’m a bad person who has never worked on her feet who is now late for an appointment and just believes the customer is always right.”

I replied, “Well, I’m late for my job too, and I’m not complaining, and one reason I’m going to be late is because I was here before you, and you cut in front of me.”

“I suppose that makes you a better person.”

I say nothing, she storms out, clearly irritated that if she tries to get the last word in, I’ll top her. And she knows she did cut in front of me, which clearly puts her in the wrong.

The clerk looks at me and softly says, “Thanks.”

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  1. Lynda Hall permalink
    June 17, 2014 4:06 pm

    Geez, what a bitch. She could have always come back after her “oh so important appointment”. People are just miserable these days. That young kid just went thru training and is doing his best. Plus he is a total sweetheart. Thanks for sticking up for him! 🙂

    Lynda Hall 831-332-6371

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