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The true meaning of Hide and Seek

June 9, 2014

When I was a kid we played Hide and Seek. The search team stood at home base, which was usually the front steps of someone’s house and counted to a certain number and everyone hid. Then the search team went out to find you, but if you were able to get past them and return to home base without getting tagged by the searcher, you were safe.

There were some who always played it safe by staying close enough to get back to home, when the searchers strayed a farther distance away, which meant the one hiding, was closer to home than the searchers, so they couldn’t possibly catch them when the hider ran for home.

So some played the game by not really playing the game. There are some people who do that with their jobs and lives. They play  it safe by strategically hiding. Their dreams are reduced to hobbies. Their travels: vacations.They never stray any further from home base so their hiding place can’t be found.

And who are the real winners, the ones the searchers can’t find who never play it safe by coming home.

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