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Arm the Children and put down those nipple clamps

March 27, 2014

There are PC people who believe little boys shouldn’t be raised to play with guns because it leads to violent behavior. These are the same people who think it’s perfectly okay for girls to play witb pink bows and toy arrows because it “empowers” them to act out like the heroine in “Hunger Games.”  And it occurred to me, these girls are walking around with toy bows and arrows and the boys their age are unarmed! Is this a plot?

Hey, I was a kid wearing a Monkey Division helmet and grenade launcher, and had cowboy guns with caps, and wandered around with others carrying plastic canteens and mess kits (with crackers and believe me, you think water tastes bad, try drinking it warm out of a plastic canteen on a summer day). And I didn’t become violent; in fact, some theorize–I say this because I can;t remember where I read it–that male kids act out all their primordial instincts through play, and if that’s denied them they become violent because it’s suppressed. Don’t believe me? Think about all those Catholic boys who get more excited by porno because their instincts were called dirty (Damn, how I envy them!).

So arm you little boys with toy grenade launches and laser swords, light sabers, whatever. The girls are coming over the hills with bows and arrows! And as for you Catholic boys and girls, get your hands out of your pants,take off your nipple clamps, grab your weapons and charge!

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