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Et tu, surfer?

March 23, 2014

Surf classes have turned surf spots into hatcheries. They lay their eggs and create instant surfers, who have no interest in learning about the history, board designs, getting along with people, or wave etiquette. Basically, it’s a generational shift. There is an entire crew of people 40-and-under who learned from surf classes, and whose concept of the ocean is its there for whoever wants it. They just paddle out. And they resent it when you say they’re dangerous. The only time they ever suffer is from comparison–and that’s why they hate it. This group has no concept of anything. Get a board and paddle out. A lot of women with attitude who come out and believe you should adapt for them, but thery give up nothing, including being in the way. One particular irritating thing is how these women congregate and talk and talk, and socialize, while the guys are quiet–unless they’re boyfriends or husbands of those women. They always have to form groups. It’s the frigging PTA. One woman was yakking about how they set up fundraisers that are surf contests. That’s how they do things, set up a template and try to squeeze the life’s blood out of any place to get what they want.

Funny, when a person does something stupid and rude in surfer, some list their experience to justify being an idiot, saying things like, “I’ve been surfing 20 years…” And I’ve never seen them!

I predicted a lot of this behavior in, when the first dot-com wave hit Santa Cruz. Now there’s the second dot-com wave, and unlike waves, the techie don;t want to share that particular wave with anyone. They want what they want now: my house, gated community, one-way-streets, permit-only parking in their recently purchased neighborhoods while they renovate their dream house, which is usually everyone else’s nightmare. Then in five years, when the market tanks again, they’ll sell their house and leave. They are people with passionate hobbies and limited dreams.

I stay quiet, when people snake me or take off behind me, then  after the wave ends, and they laugh and try to start a conversation, I just stare at them, say nothing, and don’t acknowledge them. It’s more effective than actually talking to them, which they feel means you have a relationship. They will usually do the worst thing they can in the water to you, then on land say hi and try to be friendly. I don’t care.


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