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WHy I don’t like the term cancer survivor

March 22, 2014

Excerpt from Today Cancer Tomorrow The World…

I’m uncomfortable with the term “cancer survivor.”

The rabid raccoon scrounging through my trash can is a “survivor.” Life isn’t a rummage sale.

Cancer survivors? We’re more than survivors. We’re liberators. We’re liberated from ourselves, opinions,  habits. But we’re more than ourselves because we want to help liberate others from their suffering. I know if I don’t rise up when I hear opening notes of this calling, I’ve wasted my life the same way cancer tried to waste me. You have to give the force that got you through your cancer fight to help others overcome it. I can’t allow cancer to define me— if it does, I’ve given permission for the tumor to developed a second life.

That’s not why I fought The Big C. Cancer doesn’t define life. It takes life. You have to be bigger than the battle you fought to overcome your war. I’m a victor. I’m not a casualty. It took my balls but it left me with a bigger heart. I have to draw on the spirit within me and the loving support from people that enabled me to survive so I can relay that soulful glowing curing power to ignite others to burn away pain. Oh, how I hope to keep this quiet fire alive for someone else.

When it comes to cancer, I’m an arsonist.

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