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Showering Your Views Under The Tap of a Steady Income

March 7, 2014

A friend of mine who was a journalist who well over twenty-five years, gets laid off by his newspaper, then they beg him to come back and work part-time, and then while he is working part-time ask them to train his replacement who is younger than him and working at less pay.

Someone said, “I’d work at McDonald’s before I’d do that.” This is always said by someone who never worked at a McDonalds.

I said, “You have a steady job and you’re showering under the tap of a steady income, but when that tap is shut off, you do anything you can for anybody to keep something flowing. So, I can see why he went back to work for someone.”

ANd so how many of our opinions are based on what we have in our checking and savings, than what we truly believe. It’s a good filtering process. It quiets your views down some, and mutes your opinions of others.


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