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Leno Adieu

February 8, 2014

Leno was on for twenty-two years and I probably only watched the show four or five times. I always felt like I was watching an engaging car salesman–the laugh, the didn’t really mean that, the pat on the back. And oddly, after all this time it’s like he remained the same person inside an aging body: a guy telling jokes and collecting cars and driving them and tuning them up. Odd that he would talk about losing his mother and father, and never have kids or adopt. I’ve never had kids. Something is severely lacking there. But I have to say if I made as much money as him, I would have either had kids or adopted to pass it on, because I’d have the money to raise them, and send them to a good school, and I’d still have a solid performing career. My life went another way. I never felt I could be a writer or performer if I had a kid, and that was a decision I made, and don’t have regrets–which means people expect me to sigh overt their grandkids pictures, and although I’m happy for them, I could care less, nothing in  it to me.

Still, I wonder if Leno is going to miss the phone ringing less. WHen he did The Tonight Show he was the prettiest woman in the bar.

What was his legacy? Set up, then punchline. No range. Clearly, I hope a nice guy to the people around him. Outside of being the comedian where’s  the heart of greatness?

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