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Cancer and loneliness: lose interest in yourself–camp in the rain

January 10, 2014

Someone posted this question: Do you find that sometimes you just want to be left alone? Why? How long does it take for you to get it out of your system, and how do you explain to your loved ones why you need to be alone?

I found I gained more strength during my second battle with testicular cancer from having people around me. I truly believe those who put a big priority on “being alone,” and can support it with various excuses, are being self-centered and not allowing people to heal them. A big part of beating cancer is letting the world in to air cancer out. I can only see wanting to be alone when you’re tired; or sometimes getting chemo and want to be alone with your thoughts. Man, everyone when they’re healthy needs “private time,” which has nothing to do with keeping people away. But to prefer it as a shield during your illness, is the WRONG WAY to go: you’re playing into cancer’s cold hands. Sorry, I’m an intolerant bullet head on this issue.

I have to say sometimes you find yourself alone during cancer no matter what. I’d wake up at three in the morning, agitated by chemo, and not wanting to awaken my wife, so I’d put on headphones and listen to all the music I never had time to listen to, and let my mind drifting and embrace the challenging notes that inspired me to remain in the beauty of this life of BEING anywhere with a BEAT,

Hey, cancer multiplies and divides, so should you to fight it: a hand resting on your shoulder is powerful. Look at this site. It proves you can make someone stronger. The only reason to curling up in a ball around your tumor is to smother it. I found that after I suffered so much, I never felt alone–even when I was by myself because the spirit of others and the world was propelling me. Can’t agree with self-centered, it usually conceals another reason the person doesn’t want to share, and you can become more powerful when you’re vulnerable–it’s amazing how many hands reach out to lift you up–and when you’re healed, you do the same for others.

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