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The Blackboard of life and The Big C

December 31, 2013

In my book, Today Cancer Tomorrow The World, about my second battler with testicular cancer, I talk about how cancer makes you go up to the blackboard of life and erase your disappointments, complaints, but how the one figure that won’t come off, is usually money. And that the only solution is to throw the blackboard away. But on further thought during the holiday season, I realize the blackboard didn’t belong to me, it belonged to the person who hurt me deeply, or stole, or lied. So when I was throwing it away, what I was really doing is saying, “This is yours not mine. You fooled me into carrying this for you. Your did it, you keep it, I have better things to do.”

And there’s a greater release to that.

Let them keep it.

It feels pretty good. The air becomes fresher.


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