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The Weird Thing about Xmas: keeping the spirit while people act like jerks

December 26, 2013

During the Christmas season more people are on the roads, in the stores, trying to find parking spaces, and going to restaurants. And part of getting through the Christmas season is trying to maintain your spirit of being connected to the family of man while hating your relatives! Family your stuck with, friends are the family you chose, is a nice mantra, but what happens when your family hates your friends and your friends hate you family, then everything becomes relative because all things never become equal.

So I’m driving along singing to a Christmas song;

“The weather outside is frightful.”

A guy pulls out in front of me.

Let it snow–you fucking idiot! Let it snow, let it snow.”

Another car cuts me off in ther lane to make a sharp turn into a market.

“Chestnuts roasting–didn’t you fucking see me, did you fucking see me? I’m dreaming of a white Christmas–Yeah, that’s right just walk right inb front of me without looking. You might be wearing a Santa hat but you’re an asshole, okay?”

So I start laughing in between the singing and the yelling, completely untouched, and finding my own situation funny too.

And I find myself laughing, going bipolar: North and South Pole.

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