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Cancer makes some lives possible–that’s how we beat it!

December 22, 2013


chemo_kiss goodbye

Almost two years ago. Chemo is the only time the trickle down theory works!

The day after I received my results that there wasn’t any cancer in my body, I sat at my desk, quietly relieved and looked around my room, or man cave, there are pictures of me surfing, doing stand–up, pictures of US Presidents my Dad admired and had in our old home (Kennedy, Truman, FDR, and Teddy),  an autographed picture and framed letter from Groucho Marx, and covers of my books, and some sixties playing on the iTunes, and knowing I pursued these passions because I was first diagnosed with testicular cancer thirty years ago. I stayed true to my heroes.  Then after being diagnosed and freed from cancer’s grasp a second time, I feel like a rocket that has gotten another jolt into another stage to take whatever got me this far to advance into a higher plane through the darkness that tried to overtake me, whatever it is, I hope I’m still funny in the unexplored universe ahead! Only this time, I’m armed with everything that has gone before me. Sometimes in life there are things that only having and beating cancer makes possible. And once it does, when you’re walking around, if someone say you don’t matter–well, you laugh and don’t budge and make a stand, they will not get around you–but you will always extend a hand to those in pain.

And so, even though I’m broke, and balless, I will dig harder in the water for the next wave, work on the next book or a line for the next and bigger laugh, and be grateful every day for the friends I have.You know, during the CT scan as it spun, I thought it was like a roulette wheel and I thought the ball better not land on me. And I thought instead of said, ‘You’re not there. There’s nothing in me. There’s nothing in me.” And of course, the tears come because you’re soul is sweating to live–live!Good health to you! Never forget the power of your life and personality–cancer doesn’t have that, it’s your sharpest weapon to plunge into its dark, beatless heart.



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