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The Best cure for Pet Grief Counseling: a Kitten

December 14, 2013


Having dangling string at the end of your camera is a great way to have a kitten look into the lens.

I guess the best grief counselor for losing a cat is a kitten. I still haven’t gotten over missing Bogie, but Bucca is a cool, playful, affectionate, and dynamo purring kitty. He’s named Bucca because when my Dad was drinking with his buddies, they wrapped up a long session with Sambucca, and they would rap the table and say, “Bucca.” Good way to keep my Dad alive too. Obviously, Bucca like all kittens like to be strung along. Oddly, his name just came to me. Because when Bogie died in my arms, I couldn’t help but think of my Dad, and the name just rose up within me and came to my lips!

Kittens are funny the way these animate and give life to inanimate objects. Very childlike. But it’s that same quality that they use later as cats to indifferently play and torture living objects, like grasshoppers, birds and lizards (chewing off legs, etc.).

I think of the last line in Peter Pan: “As long as children are gay, innocent, and heartless.”

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