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A Freehold in my Brittle Invincible Heart

December 14, 2013




I called the Old Monmouth Candies . I ordered a 9-can Peanut Brittle case to give away some Freehold to people out here in California. I ate three cans already! I had a nice conversation with the owner.

I said, “I grew up in Freehold.”

“Really, where?”

“Stonehurst. We used to get your candy all the time. I remember the tall cans and you used to have a crinkled paper lining the inside of the cans.”

“That’s right! We did.”

“Yeah, and there was more powder on the bottom of the pieces too. I’m not saying they still don’t taste good. They do. Last time I was in Freehold I bought some, and some Sorrentos subs.”

“A lot of people go for Federicis.”

“I did! I had a pie there and brought one to go!”

“Well, it’s nice that you still think of us.”

“Yeah, I do. It was a great place to grow up.”

Then I told him about playing Herb Alpert music on headphones I placed on my Dad as he was passing on morphine because that music was always playing in our Freehold home during those great parties neighbors had, and how I met Herb Alpert and told him that story too.”

“That’s a great story!”

“Well, it’s where my parents were the happiest and I know it wasn’t just them, at my Dad’s wake, all the old neighbors said the same thing, so I know it wasn’t in my imagination. Although I wondered if Herb Alpert was moved or thought I was a nut. But I told him I wasn’t.”

When we hung up, I felt we were both smiling.

In the Winter it’s nice to know I have the invincible Freehold summers in my heart. It’s always given me the courage to cling to my personality in the face of adversity and cancer, and I turn to it often–and what’s even better, peanut brittle still tastes good. New Jersey, it’s more than just an attitude!

Merry Xmas Freehold page!! You’re under my tree!

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