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A Debtors Prison Without Walls

December 3, 2013
I read an article about how the “millennials” are having a difficult time. Okay, sorry 20-25 was a rough period. You have from age 25 to make it up. What about the pre-millennials, who were laid off, and had their peak earning years based on their experience taken away from them? And us? Hell, we’ve been screw by our own generation on Wall Street! I have found the only ones with firm opinions are newspaper columnists ands talking heads who have always found work either exploiting people’s emotions or have drawn a steady income “chronicling” this period.
Now there are parents who have children who are assuming huge amounts of debt for education,  and are burdened to have to chase the dollar. The Powers That Be are creating a Debtors Prison Without Walls. They are even making education cost so much that only the very rich can afford the best. The larger issue is that the people who have become parents are unable to provide for their children the same way their parents provided for them.
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