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Thanks for the Nine Lives, Bogey

November 28, 2013


My Biggest Little Guy, a Fur Hero


I just realized something that might be true or not, but it upset me so it must be real.

My cat Bogey was there for me when I had testicular cancer, and went through chemo Bogey was lying near me, or had his 24-pound body draped over my head, purring and licking my ear. He was giving me strength.

And now, so far, I’m better but I lost him. He died in my arms as I tried to hold onto the life inside me. He was completely limp, his eyes flat and not reacting to my finger movement. No chest movement. He wass so big and soft he could have passed for a small cat stole a woman could wear on an evening gown. I cried carrying him into the hospital and blurted, “I think he’s gone.”

And they couldn’t get Bogey’s heart started.

I thought, “Bogey you had nine lives. What happened? Why are you gone?”

And Bogey said to me, “I wanted you to get better, so I  gave them all to you.”

Thanks Bogey.

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