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Giving thanks and thanks for giving

November 28, 2013



What losing Bogey The Cat and surviving testicular cancer again has taught me about Thanksgiving. Grief and loss are powerful things. They are ladled onto you like a heavy syrup and sometimes make it hard to have a clear view of life because you’re looking inward. But you never lose the love of those who you’ve lost, and grief loosens its abalone-grip as it teaches you to value the lives of others around you, giving an extra pet to a dog or a cat, popping a cork, playing the sport you like, being around the people who make your life possible, knowing you learned enough to know the difference between helping others and helping yourself, the joy of opening a book, hearing a song you like, or for me, cruising around and being a Jersey guy with a dream who is living and loving the life I’ve thankful for and others ¬†have given me in Cala-fucking-fornia and taking it all in for one for day, second by second, breath by breath, smile by smile, and drying the tears away with laughter! And being thankful for the greatest gift: the ability to give and being vulnerable enough to receive.

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