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Redistributing is fine as long as it goes upwards

November 26, 2013

Redistributing the wealth. There’s a phrased that riles the Republicans and libertarians and free marketers, and the rest of the unread etceteras.

They don’t seem to mind when the wealth is redistributed upwards.

What does the free market or capitalism have to do with passing laws that enable media companies to own several radio stations and newspapers in one market, or companies to hire foreign workers, or firms to have their customer care outsourced in the Philippines, or to take companies that are profitable, loot them through financial dealings–you see where I’m going.

But that’s okay.

Can you start an office supplies store and make a living: no. A hardware store: no. A newspaper: no. A radio station: no. But, maybe you can make money providing a valet service, catering and hospitality to the ones who are making the money. There’s your future.


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