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Apple is beginning to rot at the core: soured on Apple Care

November 26, 2013

I went into a Apple Store. And there were all these clerks walking past me while they typed on their iPads and looked at the iPhones. I noticed there was no genius bar–because it seems everyone in an Apple shirt is a genius in this self-contained universe. There were tons of customers milling around, and I thought, this is the way record and CD shops used to be.

I have personally seen more and more people switching to Samsung phones because Apple keeps changing the operating systems without allowing for backdoor entry of previous programs. Apple has always had a pattern to do this, but they’re are not only outrunning their supply lines, but running beyond customer care. When you push a program like Final Cut and charged big bucks, then come out with a cheaper program, but don’t allow previous versions of FInal Cut or adobe suite to run on your new operating system, are you actually expecting people to spend thousands of dollars on the same program so they can run alongside you while you keep trying to outdistance them with your profits.

“You guys took a simple program like iTunes and complicated it,” I said to a 22-year old genius, who was cradling his iPad.

“Yes, they did.”

“And you only have one laptop that has a disc drive and you’re cutting out USB ports.

“Everything is done by air and the cloud. People download music and listen to it on their iPod. They don’t use CDs.”

“What if you’re in an area that isn’t wireless?”


“And with your music, what do I own? I buy a CD I have resale value. I get a tune from you I don’t own it.”

“It’s without copyright, you can give it to whoever you want.”

“Well, you’re doing what Apple said it would never do, you’re just building a walled garden.”

Our conversation petered out. But what are these people trying to get us to do? Their computers are solid, but they’ve gotten away from uniqueness and drifted into status.


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  1. November 29, 2013 5:27 pm

    It’s become a religion. All of your files will be in the cloud, like Steve Jobs.

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