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They don’t want to know because they love themselves too much

November 21, 2013

“I’m going to live forever,” said this female barista.

I replied, “Let me know when you get there.”

And I thought about her. She was completely detached from what was going on around he and completely involved with herself–seh would have been a great stand-up comedian! But she was living in a giant bubble inflated by youth.

Sometimes when I speak about testicular cancer there are people who that a flat-screen look on their face. They don’t want to know. They believe death isn’t part of life, and that not dealing with any recognition of it or illness is a healthy outlook. But in reality, it’s a hard and cruel outlook because they have pulled the plug on their connection to the circulatory system of their own humanity.

They bore me.

I can guarantee when they get sick they will be the biggest screaming whiners you’ve ever seen. And they will wonder and lament that no one is therte for them. Because after all, they are such wonderful people.

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  1. L.B permalink
    November 22, 2013 8:25 am

    You don’t know me but I also love ‘Scrooge’ with Albert Finney. I am moved by his turn around but, my, what it took to get him there! I have read many of your posts and all I can say is that you had better make sure you have been right when your time comes. Right to hang on to anger…..right to harbor unforgiveness……right to think that you know more than those of lesser education or “higher thought”….right to think that what you see, touch, smell, and hear is all there is….right to think that just because YOU don’t believe something makes it a fact…..right to think that there are no other cures and that the doctors have all the answers–everyone else a quack…right that just being a decent guy is “good” enough.
    Hate me if you will, but I felt strangely but strongly “led” to share these things with you——-but my prayers are….for survival….for peace…. and, above all, for the blinders to fall off and true wisdom to come forth. You are valuable. You are loved but you have to consider things that seem foolish.

    • November 22, 2013 2:43 pm

      Well, if you’re faith-based and that works for you fine. It’s still doesn’t give you or anyone else the moral high ground (Ask the fanatics who are siuicide bombers, who think they are going to get virgins in the afterlife, when the real translation means raisins.) But faith doesn’t mean people get a pass on morality.I’m trying to be funny, and I have acknowledged several doctors and nurses and caregivers and people in my life who have made me stronger. And Scrooge with Albert Finney is one of my favorite Xmas movies, especially the song “Thank You Very Much,” as well as Laurel and Hardy launching the WOoden Soldiers. When my time comes, huh? Little harsh, especially when directed to someone who has had testicular cancer twice, almost died from hemorrhaging from polyps, lost a brother to a crib death, watched his parents die from cancer (My Dad freom a botched operation, which has resulted in a successful malpractice suit, and held his best friend’s ankles when he died from leukemia. You want to compare notes? I appreciate your concern and reading my posts. I’m not going to apologize for my passion or the people and the things I love, and I’m trying to be funny. My guess is you have never experienced anything close to what I went through, and what I saw others go through. And for what it’s worth, I believe my work is exactly the opposite of what you have accused me of, but that’s fine. I doubt if you’ve read any of my novels or my book about my cancer experience, and I have also found that people who have your opinion of me have some strong reason to justify having an opinion about me by nibbling at the appetizers. Have a nice Thanksgiving. But when I go to help others dealing with cancer, I don’t feel I’m misguided. Nor you. We’re just talking. You can throw down the morality card, but just remember when you do, you’re playing solitaire.

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