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Something lighter: My Favorite DVD season series

November 21, 2013

After the Sopranos disappointing and pretentious art-house pile-of-poop non-ending, I swore I would never follow a series episode by episode again. So now I only watch full seasons on DVDs. Shows I couldn’t even get into, Downtown Abbey–hey we fought the revolutionary war so we woulodn;t have to watch this stuff, I mean would you want to see a show where Romney’s wife is treating the staff badly because she’s having a hissy fit over her horse not winning the dressage competition? I kinda drifted away from Mad Men after two seasons. But that’s just me.Never wanted to watch the Office because I’ve worked in one. Don’t like any Reality TV shows because they remind me of the losers I always ran into on any entry-level job who have been doing their job for 15 years and bitch about life etc. No way would I watch Sex In The City–and has anyone noticed how unattractive and gaunt Sarah Jessica Parker is? I mean her nose has more cleavage than her! The camera loves her until she turns sideways. Others I’d never pickup: Desperate Housewives, Homeland, Deadwood, Nurse jackie, The Big C. But I could be wrong on those. West Wing has bored me because I get tired of watching people having conversations while they’re walking real fast–that’s action??? So I’m slightly tweaked on this. I’ve never even seen or wanted to see Lost.

Here are my ratings for some I’ve been able to watch with some gripes

Early Dexter up until the Lithgow show: He was at his best when he had to dodge being discovered between his home life and work to commit the crimes, in a way it was kinda farcical like a bedroom comedy formula, or Frazier. But I dug the darkness.

Breaking Bad: Jssie got on my nerves because he consistently kept fucking uyp the same way. And I couldn’t stand the wife. But Hank was a good character, a tough talking guy who became a coward when he was actually doing boot-on-the-ground cop work against drug dealers and ran back to his desk.

Band of Brothers: Enjoyed it but X is a terrible actor, must have used the Ben Affliction–er Affleck method

Foley’s War is OK, but you have to get into the WW2 mood, so lost interest

Luther 80 percent, great character but some ridiculous plots, and implausible relationship with a woman who he knows and can prove has committed murders but doesn’t do anything.

Sherlock the British version is amazing (and I’m not a Holmes freak at all).

Cracker with Coltrane: Brilliant character, flawed and throughly entertaining.

The Wire: 98 percent of it, fanatstic. Great actors, it’s so real and the dialogue is great. Richard Price’s Clockers is the template for the series. Price has made more money from crack dealers dialogue than their attorneys. I once interviewed Price, he wasn’t pleasant, slightly rude, and clearly irritated by any reference to The Wanderers, but he brightened up when I asked him how cops felt about his writing: “They like reading about how the character live, the cop stuff they just thumb through, but they’re interested in the home life and how these guys became the people they are.”

Inspector Morse: I’ve never been a birg fan of British Detective stuff, but I loved Morse. The character and hsi growing relationship and affection for his sidekick Lewis. I felt like I was with real people. There are moments at the end of the series, where Morse is clearly seeing the end of his life, as if all his life, the opera and his books were empty–a great subtle moment when he takes up bird watching and is excited about a particular bird, and Lewis his sidekick, points out it’s a bird that’s always been around, revealing how futile his new hobby would involve Morse. I got into these characters. Really well done.

Lewis: A few highly implausible plots, but again, his sidekick. James Hathaway, a defrocked religious student turned copy. Nice relationship and contrast. Laurence Fox does a great job, and Kevin Whately, captures a warmth and vulnerable human.

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