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When Money is a Factor

November 2, 2013

If Money wasn’t a factor, think of all the people you would never deal with or tolerate. These people are usually rude, self-indulgent, bullies at work, rude, etc. Most are badly dressed, etc. The reason some people like the free market is that the market doesn’t punish immorality. You can be the biggest dick in the world and make money.

Why are some customers rude? Why are people rude to waiters? Why do bosses demean employees? Because money is a factor. They have it, and the other person needs it, so they simply endure it. The kicker is the ones who have it, have no clue. Look at how some rich women dress–garish evening gowns, or how self-centered women wear halter tops with their guts overlapping, or guys who try to dress younger than they should look, people with bad hairstyles that aren’t becoming, stupid tattoos. The reason no one gives them any perspective is that money is a factor and they’re selling these things to people, they’re not going to talk them out of buy a jumpsuit dress with gold speckles that resemble coy fish, or speedo trunks that show their protruding junk.

If money is a factor…

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