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Famers are lazy, on welfare, conservative, have 8th-grade educations and are rich

November 2, 2013

I’m tired of hearing about how sacred the farmers are in America.

Farmers work for only three months out of the year, have their crops guaranteed by the Feds 100 percent, then spend the other nine months sitting in coffee shops and complaining about blacks on welfare.

Steve King of Iowa embodies the Farmers. People wonder why an idiot like King can be elected. Here’s how, his district is rural and he represents Farmers who have never seen a negro or a Mexican and believe farmers are the only ones who should collect government welfare.

Most farmers are millionaires, and if GOP is sincere in budget cutting they’d go after them, but even dare touch a subsidy and the farmers whine with a battle cry is always, “If you don’t protect the farmers, who will feed America?”

Somebody else will, who will purchase your very valuable arable land and grow crops on it.

The Feds cover 100 percent of the farmer’s crops. If his crop goes bust, he gets all his money back. If he has a bumper crop he gets to keep all the profit after he repays the government for their loan, roughly 30 percent of what his 100 percent free loan, which he uses for roundup, and harvesting.

Most have 8th grade educations and go into the family business and are multi-millionaires.

Then on top of that, an idiot l;ike King is securer in his district, will garner seniority and get on a foreign relations committee,

They believe no one else in America deserves the same treatment.

I’d sure like to be cover for 100 percent of my work: win or lose, wouldn’t you? That’s like playing in the casino and being reimbursed by them if you lose and allowed to keep all the cash if you win.

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