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Three cats and a dog and a Shakespeare production

October 29, 2013

We have three cats and a dog and no children and we’re a heterosexual couple.

The three cats, Brooksie, Groucho, and Bogey, hate the dog, Seven (Named after George’s idea of naming a baby Seven in Seinfeld). Sevie is a small dog.

The cats hate the dog.

The morning routine is this. I get Sevie in a separate room with a cookie bribe, then feed the cats, After the cats finish, I pick up the cat food dishes and  I let Sevie out, who scours the floor for remaining food. The three simmering cats contemptuously watch Sevie.

My idea: Dress the cats and Sevie in purple robes and put on the death scene from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.

Sevie is Caesar and comes out. They cats swarm and stab Sevie. Sevie looks up and says, “Et tu, Brooksie?”



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