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Imagine no Yoko or pardon my across the universe jai guru deva om

October 11, 2013

A singer was doing John Lennon songs in a club. He was talking about the song “Imagine”: “John wasn’t against God or Jesus he was just saying if you imagined all those issues weren’t there before you yelled or hit someone you wouldn’t fight over those issues. WHen he says, Imagine There’s no heaven, imagine no hell, imagine no country. But I guess I feel that way because I get paid to sing this song.”

I shouted from my seat, “Imagine with world without a paycheck.”

The crowd laughed.

The performer said, “I don’t mind the fourth wall, I just wish it would wall on this side of the room.”

I thought, hey you teed up the golf ball I just had to hit it down the fairway.

Throughout his retrospective of Lennon, I realized I only purchased his first solo album and nothing else after that. WIth McCartney, I bought his first album, Ram, Band On The Run, and Tug of War. Harrison’s “All Things Must Pass.” RIngo’s  first album. That was it. I think when the Beatles broke up they were still running on their own influences for a couple albums, then they were stuck with themselves. McCartney seeked out partners all the time, and still seeks our people to write with.  Lennon pretty much drove his car off Yoko’s cliff.

After John’s death, the Beatles became a dysfunctional family. who couldn’t handle their estate. They had to deal with Yoko who was the executor of John, and to gain access to his material, they had to deal with her. And she’s sat on that John’s money lyric-coated egg her whole life. It’s the closest thing she can get to royalty–or receiving one.

After reading many books on the Beatles, Lennon came across as a severely disturbed person, and I felt McCartney tried to keep John primal and destructive impulses in check. Lennon got away with his behavior, or no one saw it because he was a rock star, and it’s acceptable behavior. And his first album when I was young spoke to me as a kid, but I couldn’t get into his “Mother” song, but I liked it. And of course, “Working Class Hero,” and “I Found Out.” And I never really liked “Imagine” that much. But I did like “Jealous Guy” and my favorite “#9 Dream.” His Double Fantasy album–well, I felt every song was McCartney like, and kind of pleasantly sappy, songs like “Beautiful Boy” and “Woman.” The type of songs Lennon lambasted Paul for writing.

AFter the Lennon performer was done I said, “I have a heckler line for you. If a guy’s a jerk say, ‘You weren’t the guy standing outside reading ‘Catcher In The Rye’ were you?”

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