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The Sea Otter and the Gull

October 9, 2013

A sea otter floating on its back and was eating a crab alive. ALongside him was a gull. The gull was hoping the sea otter would lose its grip on the struggling crab. The gull wanted to steal it.

I was out in the ocean on a surfboard. There were a couple people I’ve never seen, actually most of the people I’ve never seen, and I see them every day. But they act friendly or clueless, and do everything they can to take a wave from someone else, and on top of that, usually surf badly. You have to wonder when they’re going to get tired of themselves. In life there are people who gravitate to anyone with money, and the theory is simple: it’s worth knowing the person, they might help me. But I’ve never seen it. All I have is working on my act from Today Cancer Tomorrow The WOrld, and hope that my description and piece about my second battle with testicular cancer will help someone else or me.

The sea otter turned and disappeared in the water with iust. The gull searched the water and found a scrap and ate it.

Are you a gull or a sea otter?

Or the crab?

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