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Doing stand-up again. And they thought cancer needs a stage

October 5, 2013

I haven’t been on the stage in a comedy club for well over fifteen years. And I find myself 58 years old and a two-time cancer survivor, an author of Today Cancer Tomorrow The World, and some surf novels, and an insult book.

I got laid off in radio, which is a dead field because corporations are running it. Some Why? Because the talent can’t go anywhere! You can have the best baseball team in the world but you can’t play in the major leagues unless you allowed to be in the major leagues. The owners have an anti-trust lock. Same thing in radio. If you’re an accountant you can form your own business with another accountant. But radio people can’t start their own station without a license, and who is given the license and protected by the government, largely conservative owners who hate any form of government regulation unless it favors them, which in this case means owning 8 stations in one market and reducing competition.

So I look for work in other fields, but in reality, how many companies want a guy like me with such a weird background, and having had cancer twice? I’m not complaining. It’s my reality. So I’ve come to the conclusion to downsize the world and hire myself.

The tide is washing me back to the stage, and I’ll try to catch the next wave and ride it.

The world is driving me back, and they have no idea what it’s gonna be like when I get there.

Whatt am I thinking? Am I nervous? No? Afraid of rejection? No?

The approaching anticipation is like being a goalie and waiting to show people I can stop whatever tries to score on me.

What’s inside me, roiling and stirring and popping new lines in my head?


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